Build small, launch, and grow with it

"Build small, launch, and grow with it—no pain of dealing with VC."

-From someone in my network.

Lately, I wondered about the experiences of those who dealt with the VC world and who is an indie maker that doesn't accept funding. How are the life differences? Who is happier? What are the expectations of founders in those two different cases?

I have side projects that could grow someday when I have time! But would I want it to go crazy big, so I put effort into preparing decks, taking calls, trying to convince VCs, and spending days, months, and year-s.. on it?Or would I slowly fund it myself, and if it grows, I can do whatever I want without being responsible against any investors?

Well! You can do either path for sure! BUT From those experiences of whoever I listened to, I had come to a different state of mind... and this is the outcome👇

Of course, The project you are working on will affects the decision to go Solo or go big. If you are working on a simple project and you WANT to keep it SIMPLE? Then keep going, Solo! It's impossible not to get the project complex when there is a VC at the door. Why? Simple. They give you millions to get back several million! To earn millions, simplicity wouldn't be enough besides rare cases.. Want to keep it as a simple product? Go, Solo! This path may not make you a billionaire, but you could be a millionaire with your product without giving tolerance, money, and shares to anyone. And overall, solo founders sounded happier tome.However, If you have a project that needs many hands and minds and want to grow it by adding many features and you are open to hearing experienced rich guys? Also, do you want to be worth several $$$? Then you got to follow this path. A tremendous experience, more stressful than going Solo, but the outcomes could be massive.

So you heard the difference. From hearing those experienced people, my personal choice would be going Solo! No headaches. It takes a longer time to achieve there, but it is worth living stress-free for me. I'm ok with not making so much $. Just enough to live well is good to go!

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